Hide "Counts: ..."


How do I hide de "Counts: Mesh(…) Vert(…) Tri(…)" status showed on screen by default?


Don't use SimpleGame?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I use StandardGame, as recommended.

What's the way to hide that status information (FPS / Counts)?

My assumption is you're using a DebugGameState then?  DebugGameState comes with essentially all the evils of SimpleGame.  Switch to BasicGameState instead and that will magically disappear. :wink:

Ok, I guess I should detach or make disappear the "fpsNode" (that's its name in SimpleGame). Let's see in StandardGame…

Yes, I am using DebugGameState. I need it because DebugGameState has "input" property inside, which I need to set a KeyboardLookHandler. I do extend DebugGameState adding accessors for that property and then I set my KeyboardLookHandler.

But, according to your expert point of view, shouldn't I use DebugGameState in production? Are there other important issues to take into account justifying an inconditional move to BasicGameState?

Any recommandations and advices about this are very welcome. Thanks.

I actually use a constructed debug class which just adds all the debug render states and keyboard actions, this makes it so I can remove it at any time (one line comment) without affecting the actual game state.

shouldn't I use DebugGameState in production?

Only if you want your users to be able to use wireframe, depth buffer, no-lights, see bounds, normals, etc (probably not)

Thanks basixs. I already created my custom GameState in which I directly extend from BasicGameState, avoiding Statistics & Text GameStates, i.e., no more stats on screen (no more FPS / Counts).

You are right I don't want my users to use those features, so I will disable them in my custom GameState.