Hide Mouse in Chasecam

For some reason I can’t hide the mouse in chasecam.

I tried inputManager.setCursorVisible(false);

and it doesn’t work

I also have to press either the left or the right mouse button to rotate.

how do i configure it so that it rotates simply by moving the mouse?

by rotate I mean the normal kind of rotation in chasecam i.e. around the object the cam is chasing.

Too few info. Are you running as applet?

no, as a normal desktop app.

Still too few info. :roll: The mouse does not appear in the chase cam tests for you either, does it?

Sorry for not giving enough info, It’s just that I don’t know what info to give.

In the tests it also appears, I don’t want it appearing, I want it hidden.

It disappears as i right / left click for rotation.

I want to hide the mouse but still be able to rotate just by moving it.

ok, chaseCam.setDragToRotate(false); does the trick

:stuck_out_tongue: sorry