Hiding Mouse Cursor in jME3

I was hoping for something where I wouldn’t have to calculate the mouse position myself - the cursor moves normally but doesn’t show up, but well, it shouldn’t be a problem to implement it.This was the reason why I didn’t understand you at first, because I was looking for something different. Once again, thanks for your help.

Just thought this might help somebody, but the ‘value’ in the analogListener actually records how much you moved the mouse. So, for example:

[java]Main.setup.cursor.setLocalTranslation(Main.setup.cursor.getLocalTranslation().x, Main.setup.cursor.getLocalTranslation().y-movement*value,0);[/java]

Variable ‘movement’ is there to multiply ‘value’, essentially giving you the ability to set the speed yourself if you are using a custom cursor. Mouse movement is perfect now. Will upload a video tomorrow.