Hiding the JME load

ok this is probably a stupid question, but is there a way to hide the jme application until it starts rendering and then have it appear in order to hide the effect of jme loading?

maybe my question isn't being fulled understood. Is there a way to hide the application window until the renderloop is executing?

Have you thought about simply rendering a splash image in your jme window immediately before setting up your game scene?  That may give a better user experience.

For actual games with longer loading times I'd like to have some progress visualization. To get that one smooth the loading of meshes and textures should be in a separate thread. This would be possible if TextureManager.loadTexture wouldn't apply the loaded textures. Removing lines 251,252 from TextureManagers is enough to make a loading thread possible. Does anybody care about sending textures to the card in loadTexture? Applications could upload them theirselfes. They at least get uploaded when the scene is rendered first time. Or should I make a field to switch it off?

The problem is, the caching mechanism uses the texture id of the texture at the moment, thus the apply.  That could be done differently, but simply removing those lines is not the answer.

Sure, simpleClone has to be done in another way, but that should be easy. E.g. store a reference to the cloned texture instead of the id value.

But the first question is: Should applying the texture on load be the default?

the non interactiveness of the splash screen makes that option a little less enjoyable.

You see this game will hopefully be multiplayer (got a whiles to go) and the game is first setup in a chat room sort of a way, i was hoping that it could load the scene while everyone was chatting in the room.

Well, you're not forced to use the "splash screen" that jME provides, it's simply for convenience.


different splash…

dark sorry but we're talking about the time after system init is executing but before the render loops are taking place. How can i hide that loading?

If understand correctly, you'd be happy if you could just minimize the whole jME/LWJGL window till it's done loading? Or do you want to display things in the jME window itself during load?

minimizing would also be nice, just keep it out of the way

Oops, sorry…

I'm currently getting around the "black screen" problem by having a quick-load opening screen and then I can have something displaying on the screen while the rest of the game is loading.  It would be nice to have a more convenient method of hiding the jME window until everything is loaded though.