HiDPI Monitor and SDK (Fix inside)

Hey guys,

I just started tinkering around with JMonkeyEngine to see if I like the workflow to base my project around it.
As many know actually there is a post a few below this one was not sure if I should post in that one getting kinda old HiDPI is quite common. Personally I run at 2560x1440 and man was the ui in the sdk blurry.

I opened up the jmonkeyengine.conf file under the etc directory and noticed that a important setting was missing.

On the line with all the sdk startup flags at the end just add -J-Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=true and boom sdk works with HiDPI wonderfully.

Hope this helps some people out and it might be possible in the next release if this flag was included by default in the sdk conf file. I do not think this would break 1920x1080 use.


Cool. Should be easy to add I suppose. I don’t have a HiDPI/Retina display so I can’t try it. Does the OpenGL display work correctly with this setting?

Seems to be working fine. I don’t know how to use it just getting started but if I click window → OpenGL Window I get the tab that opens with the opengl frame set up and if I click the blue info button I get the rendering debug info listing all the stats like number of framebuffers, fps, etc…

As far as I can tell everything seems to be in order but might be better to test on your end with a actual project or something but everything should be fine.

You just open a j3o file to “use” it. But yeah, if the stats display normally then it should work fine.

I’m sorry to revive this “old” post, but I’m having the problem with HiDPI on my laptop with a 4k monitor on linux. The option is certainly enabled (it should be the default at least on 3.1) but everything is still so tiny, I can’t really use it. As far as I know, HiDPI and java should be fixed with Java 9 coming out this summer. Is there a way to workaround the problem till then? Thank you!