Hierarchical package structure

Hi folks,
as my project grows im slowly getting about a dozen packages, and in future it will probably be verry important to have a hierarchical structure for the packages. In eclipse youve simply got a certain view:
basically works like this:
test, test.awesome, test.reallyAwesome -> get displayed like this ->
test (closeable node for this package - hides the others)
-> reallyAwesome

is there something like this in jme3? If not its defently worth implementing because it will be needed for huge projects which would probably increase awareness for the engine and therefore also funding etc. and community

Thanks in advance

Right-click the project overview in the empty space.

I tried it that way, but i prefer the way it is now. I sometimes get a hard-on by scrolling up and down all the packages, and I wouldn’t wanna be deprived of it personally

I feel quite stupid now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
huge thanks