High (30-40% on 4 cores) CPU usage with more than one "viewport.*"

Hi, first of all, I want to thank you for awesome engine. Also my english is very bed. <span style=“text-decoration:line-through;”>I’m just trying to make my first game, after some months of true-coding with glfw, opengl and c++ I dropped this idea<span style=“text-decoration:underline;”>

I installed jME just a few days ago, so I’m a full newbie in jME & 3D. Just a question Now I’m building my game step by step just by copying and paste the code from wiki into SDK and it works fine in 90% cases. So now I pasted light scattering, directional shadow renderer, simple water, and depth of field filters. After running this I got 30-40% cpu usage in task manager, I have experimented with code, and i came to the conclusion that when I have 2 or more viewports, I have 30-40% cpu usage, when I have one or I don’t have viewports, cpu usage drops to 2-4%. I also tried PirateHell - jME game, and it also uses 30-40% of my powerful cpu. I want to ask you, is this a feature of 3d-graphics/jME feature that post-processing costs cpu power? Or it’s just bad using.

I hope you understand me, thanks.

Tested pirate hell, and i have ~10% cpu usage.

But then, jme is mostly using a single process. In that case the cpu usage says absolutely nothing at all. All i can say is that you most likely have a quadcore cpu without hyperthreading, or a dualcore cpu with hyperthreading…

Also you don’t specified your cpu/system, and in that case my cristal ball cannot say if there is even a problem :wink: