High CPU usage

Hi, and congrats for the nice engine. We have a group of people working on a new project, and it's getting quite big.

Anyway, my problem is , while on every pc of the others menbers, the project take 10sg to "launch", on mine it takes about 2min.

And the strange thing is that my PC isn't the oldest. Many have worse pc's. I already try reinstalling windows with no change.

What i'm asking is there exist any problems driver/hardware related known, even in the ode implementation, or anything that could be a solution.

Computer specs:

AMD 64 3500+

3gb ram ddr400

ati hd 4850

Asus a8n-sli

Is the operating system 64-bit?  I’ve heard for lwjgl that 64-bit is slow, but they released a faster version recently for 64-bit and I think it’s updated in the JME svn as well.  Try updating your JME if this is the case.  See this thread for more help http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=10946.0

Nope. I have windows 32bit. I installed it to avoid problems.

Anyway i will try update jme, let's see.

Add Console messages in the Loading process, maybee its just one line wich needs most of the time, for whatever reason.

Do you have the lastest JVM installed?

Of course i have JVM.

I tried to add console messages, with no luck. All the messages get's really slow. Remenber that, the same .src with the same jvm/netbeans project configuration on a slower comp. get's better results, so it should be something awful with any of my pc's components.

I have notice that mi GPU get's quite busy in the loading process. Any problem known that involves graphic's drivers?

are you try to start from netbeans in debug mode? try it without IDE