High fps game, distributed or centralized?

Hi guys,

think about a big pong 3D game with high fps or something similar where positions and related physics effects are very important. Number of players can be variable but limited to 4 or 6.

The question is: to get the best network performances is better to use a distributed p2p network system (using JXTA for example) or a centralized server that receive and update all positions? Or any other solution?

Any suggestion will be precious. Thanks.

With such a small number of players you probably don’t need P2P, just use centralized server.

Use a centralizd server do all calcualtions there to prevent cheating,

then do clientside some interpolation and prediction to make the fell alright

Actually even wow and similar use only a centralized server, they only outsource most of the calculations ot the client. In your case this in not necessary.

Another example is Battlefield 2042 they allow up to 64 players + vehicles and stuff, and do all calculations serverside.

Thanks guys, I think you’re right. I hope to make it works shortly and share it :wink:

I’ve used in past JavaGameNetworking library and Java RMI. There are better solution or library for best performance?

Thanks a lot!

I think Spidermonkey is worth a look

I’ll do it ;)…thanks!