High FPS

Why does my first tutorial game run at a very high FPS? It runs at more than 2000 FPS. Is there any way I can regulate it?


never heard a person complained about sth. like this :smiley:

How about




Well, when I run, the vsync is off. Maybe that’s the problem…

there is a method to set the fps cant recall it not near code

Thanks a lot, it worked. All I did was check VSync? when I pressed Run. I am no expert in java, so it’s nice to know that there are helpful people out there.

@mcbeth, I found it - it’s called setFramerate. Why do I have to write app.settings.* for it to work? Is it because setFramerate is not a variable but a setting?

How about you first do some tutorials on java and general programming first before approaching 3d game development (which is the “high art” so to speak)?

setFramerate() is a method of the Settings-Class which itself is a field in your app instance :slight_smile:

I am currently taking java as an Advanced Level and know Pascal. Hopefully upon finishing I can understand better.


You want to do something contained in:


Specifically setFramerate() as @Dodikles stated.

It is a good idea generally to cap the fps at some threshold so that you’re not burning out your video card or the user’s of your game’s video card. Without this cap, the video card is basically just rendering as many frames as it can as fast as it can, sometimes/most of the time needlessly.



Thanks a lot everyone for being so helpful :smiley: