High Level, Quick Starter JGDK with Avatar GUI

teique said:
I post this topic here because I believe such idea could be initiated, have its first steps/approach, in the main branch of JME2 and even JME3, so it could technologically evolve together with them, having direct attention, I don't mean high-priority..., of main JME gurus around :)
It is a most interesting concept :) I dunno about ever having this in a main branch though. It won't "technologically evolve with them" just by 'being there'. What it would take is for someone like you to stay committed to it, usually induced by having a genuine need for it. But if it becomes mature and widely usable, surely it would have a central place in the website and project.

(...) alternatives that were windows and linux compatible.
- First I found something very interesting: "FPS Creator".
There are a couple of similar solutions on this site for starting off with a basic framework suitable for a specific genre. One of the best examples being the input handler for strategy games.

I would like to know if there is such approach to JME, being implemented by someone else?
There is the Java Game Framework that was very recently put back into action. I would highly encourage you to get in touch with jjmontes and see what kind of ideas you have in common. It seems to me that what you have in mind is more of a complete builder tool more so than just a framework, which is beyond what JGF tries to accomplish. However, both of you are still striving towards "making game creation & prototyping easier" and having that in common could still lead to some kind of collaboration. Maybe you could create a new tool on top of JGF first?

Though to start off with, I would recommend just joining in with the JGF development wherever needed to completely grasp it's concept and purpose, so that if you should want to build something on top of that you know what's (even conceptually) covered by JGF and not.

I know about MonkeyWorld3D, that could / should do all this I am suggesting, but it simply doesn't
I don't believe MW3D is actively developed any longer. The closest alternative right now might be SandBox. It does a lot of what you seem to have planned, like generating terrain and integrating with a lot of other essential tools such as FengGUI and SceneWorker.

As erlend said, maybe JGF would be helpful (http://code.google.com/p/jgf/).

If a solid set of game-level classes was provided (entities, scenes, basic logic and collisions, etc…), and after building a good integration with SceneWorker (which is starting to provide basic JGF inspection), I reckon that some prototypes could be put together pretty quickly.

JGF is not mature enough so you will need some patience and guessing if you go that way. But something like you describe (be it JGF or a different project) would be very welcome.