Highlight effect on Android


I’m trying to ‘highlight’ objects/ assets within my scene when either a user taps on an object or when they want to identify many objects - i.e. to make them stand out from the background.
I’ve read up on the GlowColor which seems to be the popular way, but unfortunately the BloomFilter is not supported on Android.

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions; For example adding a coloured light to every object?

Many thanks.


you could change the “Color” if you’re using and unshaded material or “AmbientColor” or DiffuseColor" when using lighting.
Just try it and set it to e.g. 10, 10, 10, 1.

Thanks for the quick response.
I think I can probably do something like this for primitive objects (cubes etc) as I’m only using one of those two materials (currently), but the scene also has models loaded from assets, which will have custom materials. I’m looking in to how I can get the right color parameter for them at the moment.

I’m guessing there is no ‘generic’ method then?

Ah, do you mean objects that have multiple materials and share them with other objects? (for example every house uses the same wood material)

I can’t think of a simple solution for this as well… sorry.
But it’s an interesting question. I’ll keep an eye on this thread; maybe someone else’s got a good solution for that.

I dont know i understand you correctly but making clone of this object and setting it unshaded & transparent(eventualy pulse the alfa channel to make it “blinking”) & scale it little bigger dont solve your problem?It should look like object with little colored transparent layer on it

Just for completeness, I managed to resolve this by using a new SceneGraphVisitorAdapter which changes each spatial’s colour, after storing the original colour as userData.
This works nicely now, as long as the SceneGraphVisitorAdapter can determine what the original colour was from the material definition, which is fine for standard material definitions, which I have at the moment.

Its pretty bespoke, but if anyone is interested in the code I’m happy to post it.