Hither and Yon limits


I'm moving my company's main product line from REALbasic (please don't laugh) to Java. We develop space simulations based on real hardware and physics simulation. A problem we encountered with RB's 3d engine (based on Quesa - an open source version of Apple's QT3D) is that the basic internal accuracy was limited to a single (32 bit floating). We tried to get around that by developing separate 64 bit code for things like quaternions and vectors, but the product still suffers from poor visuals as distances between the camera and the ground increase. We scale all our models to 1/10 size, but still we get artifacts when we are in high Earth orbit, for instance.

Anyway, just wondering if there are any such limits with jME.


Our math classes are also 32 bit floating points, however I'm not sure I understand the poor visuals comment.  Could you expound on that?

Sorry for the delayed response. My house sold and that triggered a flurry of activity!

We had two sets of problems. First, we tried to use the launch pad as the universe origin. Once we started moving the launch vehicle far enough away the individual parts started to separate as the LV pitched down. Obviously, we were getting math errors. We are using real numbers for our simulation so, we're dealing with

computing game logic with 64bit fp and displaying with 32bit fp should be fine. Displaying with 32bit fp is not supported by graphics adapters (concerning frustum etc.) anyway, afaik.