Holes in model

I am a bit weirded out. All my models have weird holes in some of their faces. Last time I tried this it was a z-buffer issue. But I havent changed anything in Jme (simply extending simplegame)

any suggestions?

is it just your models or do the demo models also have this behavior? what are you using to make your models?

i noticed that with your ship model that you sent me. Its because of wrong face windings in the obj format. What modeler are you using? Because XSI exports obj wrong, while 3dsmax does em correctly.

Hope that helps,


I am using wings3D, i’ll try to play with the export settings.

It does this with all my models. But then again all my models are made in wings3D.


Did you triangulate your models before exporting ?

… otherwise you might get only one triangle for each polygon.

When I wrote the obj exporter, I verified the models with milkshape and maya to make sure they looked right. You could try using one of those two, probably milkshape.

Winkman, that helped thanks alot. Now that I think of it the renderer I wrote myself also used GL.QUADS. heh…

Thanks guys

heh, that might make a difference. :slight_smile: