Horrible time getting to work...:(

Hey everyone iv been trying to get this thing to work for about 2 days now. I keep reading how great this engine is and I am sure i want to stick with it and use this one.  Just not having the greatest time installing and getting it to work… Everyone says how easy it is to use and how excellent the tutorials are, but I am yet to find these great tutorials.  I am sure they are right under my nose but just cant get it. 

So what im asking from you guys is this… first im going to be using Eclipse well at leasts thats what i got.  If you guys recommend anything else PLEASE DO!!!

So pretty much I just need to know exactly WHAT I NEED to start making my game.  I dont need a guide Ill use the getting started guide which is great.  But code you guys just either give me links or exact titles of all programs and stuff i need to Download.  The tutorial only gives me links to where i can DL the correct Java, but there is a list so i can easily get the wrong one, same thing with Eclipse if that is even what i should be using as my editor. 

So what do you guys recommend me using and exactly what DLs i should have and install…

Im using WinXp Pro-SP2. 


Im currently reformatting because i just have this HUGE cluster of files and junk all over the place and i cant stand it.  So im going to start from scratch and hope you guys can point me to the right direction.

I had almost zero problems getting it to work with the tutorials.

First, go to http://www.easyeclipse.org/ and download the EasyEclipse Java Export installer, and install it.

Then, follow the tutorials at http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=setting_up_eclipse_to_build_jme to get the engine itself built. The screen shots are slightly different because they are for an older version, but the difference was really minimal.

Then, create your own project at the root of the workspace, and make sure you add the jme project to the Projects in your project build path dialog. Derive from SimpleGame and you're ready to go!

If you follow that tutorial, and are still having problems, please post back here with details about the specific problem you are getting, and at what step in the tutorial you are stuck.

Just adding some locations for finding the tutorials to get you started…

The wiki is your best friend at this stage… http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php

In there you will find many useful information… I suggest starting with the Hello* tuts: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=starter:jme_wiki

After you are ready to dive into a mid-sized project, you should go to the FlagRush Tutorial: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/wiki/doku.php?id=flag_rush_tutorial_series_by_mojomonkey

Finally, once you understand the whole concept of jME quite well, you should go about looking at the demos in the jmetest package of the jME source distribution (CVS perhaps?) and see what kind of effects and features you want to implement… Then dive in the code to see how it is done… These are the best learning tool for intermediate to advanced users…

Good luck and welcome to jME

The truth is that while JME is very well designed compared to many engines, programming is inherently complicated, and I found Javas classpath to be more so than most other languages.

The classpath and library thing can make it really frustrating if this is your first time programming, and throwing CVS and an ant build into the mix doesn't make it any better.

Try getting eclipse to work, and making some console based programs to get used to the language.

JME is well documented, however it is a full game engine, and is not a good way to start learning to program.  The tutorials are not going to explain syntax, functions, OOP etc.