Hostile Sector – persistent, browser based, tactical and strategic game

"Hostile Sector" and is a persistent, team based and turn based tactical and strategic browser game. Simple, enough? The tactical part is inspired by isometric tactical games of old, and anyone who's played games in that genre should feel right at home. The strategic part comes from the fact that there will be a multitude of territories to conquer, each benefiting the controlling team, and a hierarchial group system that will allow players to form command structures. Add to this a system where both soldiers and weapons are customizable, and you have "Hostile Sector" in a nut shell.
In addition to target anyone interested in playing strategic and tactical games together with other people, online, "Hostile Sector" is designed to allow a group of players that may not have several hours to spend each day, to still be able to feel that their actions contribute to their team's accomplishments.

Alot of the framework is already in place, and the game is currently in closed testing with a limited number of people. I hope to begin a widened alpha in early December, and roll it out by January.
The current focus is on replacing the isometric 2d client, which has been used for testing so far. Conversion is going smoothly, but there really is nothing i'd like to show to the public just yet, although i'd be more than glad to show some production shots to the jme team, should they wish so.
As soon as there is some eye candy, i'll post it here, and there will soon be more info up on, and
Stay tuned.
Edit: Video added.
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A first glimpse at the 3d client. Still some way to go with it, and ui has a long way to go, but it’s getting there (and it’s only two weeks in the making) …

For comparison, here’s a screenshot from the 2d client:

I could swear I posted to ask for those production shots, because after the description I was totally psyched about them. Maybe I got thrown off by following those links of yours :stuck_out_tongue: Impressive piece of work in only two weeks.

Anyways, yes, keep those development updates going! I know there are quite a few others out there who start their first Java game projects in Java2D (often with the help of some framework like Slick) and later decide to poke around in the 3D universe. I’m sure any recap of your progress would be of great use to many other developers.

Looks good!!

New screenshot and development update with mention of jmonkeyengine.

Notable things from last time (under-the-hood stuff excluded) is light sensitive ground, effects and working minimap.

Full text in the “Development” tab, here:

Cool! :smiley:

New development update on regarding height differences called: “The world is no longer flat. Benefits of high ground.”

As well as some new development shots:

New technical features are height differences(obviously), and normal mapped ground.

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wow cool!!

Do you use the FogFilter? or is it something special of your own.

In the first shot, it seems that the fog is more dense on the ground between trees…

Thanks nehon.

Yes, it’s your fog filter. I added it for extra effect :wink:

I think the denser fog is an illusion caused by the ground being lighter than the trees. Neat side effect, though.

Edit: also, the ground is farther away than the trees.

lol, I like when side effects are neat :stuck_out_tongue:

God work really. Only thing missing is support for transparent shadows for the trees :p.

But don’t worry Kirill’s on it :smiley:

Things are starting to fall in place, with a recent delivery of web and gui material.

As a bonus, i got a new dedicated web site up, showing a bit of what the interface is going to look like, once everything is in:

Neat! Nice touch on the Art of War quote.

Hey all.

I’m looking for a bit of feedback on a soldier customization app i’ve made for Hostile Sector.

The plan is for it not only to be used inside the actual game, but also let people not playing the game get a sense of what the customization is about.

Before releasing it to the general public, i’d like to see if there are any bugs or improvements that can be made.

So feel free to check it out here:


Note: not all weapons have models yet, and won’t display any change. Weapons with models are: AssaultRifle, AssaultRifle2, LightMg1, Smg1, RPG, Carbine1, SniperRifle1

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please report them here, or email me directly:


The preview could be a bigger I think …

And I have some “font-fragments” (utf8-errors?!) …

What a about a zoom function?

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The model viewer seems to run fine, i encountered some problems though:

Im using Firefox 3.6.15 and the viewer gets displayed in an approx 100200 px window (maybe that has something todo with my netbook resolution too)

*The display of the items that appear in the comboboxes seems to be corrupted ( Im on german locale). The text for each item has some weird letters in it. However, after hovering over the item, the text seems to be fixed

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Thanks, it’s just the kind of feedback i’m looking for.

I experienced some odd issues when trying to rotate it. Sometimes it wouldn’t need a click anymore, just a hover to rotate it, but not all the way, just a little bit from side to side. Seems weird stuff usually happens when I click and hold to drag, then release when my mouse is hovering over one of the GUI items.

Also oddly enough, I can click and drag as far to the right as I want and the rotation continues, but to the left this doesn’t work at all.

Maybe it’d be better with some simple left/right buttons, or no rotation at all?

Looks pretty good, definitely like the visual feedback :slight_smile: Will the background be the same in-game though? The grey is a little dull, heh. I imagine a static background image or even a lightweight 3D backdrop wouldn’t be too wasteful considering the added visual appeal.

And then of course there’s the unavoidable Applet bug. Everyone gets this right?

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Damnit. There goes my plan to release it this week. But a backdrop is too good an idea to not have, especially if i want it to be eye candyish.

Yeah, i’ve noticed the same oddity when rotating left.

I also get the “applet bug” when switching windows.

Nice! How many people are in your team?

i’ve uploaded a new version of the app with a few fixes suggested in the thread:

I haven’t been able to figure the font issues though (is it nifty related @void256?)


About 50% of the players :wink:

Players can also form “Companies” which is more like a clan. These consist of up to 10 players.

Companies can also form “Battalions” (not supported yet), which consist of up to 10 companies.