Hosting Java Server

The Ankhel demo will include one multiplayer map.

My problem is to find a server, where I can run the Server App!

In the worst case I will host over Hamachi, but thats not a longtime solution xD

Hope to get some input!

I also had the same Problem with a Server for Marble Mania and for now I got a vServer at

I don’t know how much resources you need, but for me it’s enough and the Server are really cheap there, I didn’t have any downtime yet and the Support is also pretty good.

You can host the server on a spare machine you have at home. There are services that let you have a redirection domain name like “[yourservername]” to your server’s IP address.

Well if it’s a ready to run system I could host it on my root for a few weeks

For the first test run i will use Hamachi or Momoko’s advice :wink:


If the first run is stable, I would like to take your offer for two weeks. That should give me enough time, to get some results and field experience for the next version. never let me down xD and reasonable prices :stuck_out_tongue: never let me down either (It’s all in german even though I’m not german but still great stuff there:P)

The Server from are actually from :wink:

And I especially like that you can dismiss the Server every month, so you can’t lose too much money.