How Blender2.8 can export OGRE

Hi,guys. I have a problem about blender. Can blender2.8 export model to OGRE ?
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i dont really know :smiley:

But as always i suggest GLTF(that plugin is already in Blender 2.8) - it support PBR material, animations, shape keys. all you need.

here is wiki:

This is New Standard in Model exporting and this mean it will be supported and working loong time.

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I suggest taking your problem to Support | OGRE - Open Source 3D Graphics Engine

Unfortunately, they charge for ogre last time I checked so the one the wiki recommends is the last open source script they had. This script worked for all versions < 2.8.

I haven’t tried 2.8+ yet, but when I looked into it I concluded it won’t work with it.

Amazing that it worked for so long without updating considering how blender scorches everything with each release.


Thanks for all of your replies ! :smiley: That was really helpful.
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