How can get fullscreen by low resolution?

my window system resolution is 3840x2160;
i want my game resolution is 1920x1080 for more fps!
so how can use 1920x1080 to get fullscreen?
it is like resolution scale?

Using an AppSettings object, you can set the resolution of the window, and make it fullscreen.

AppSettings appSettings = new AppSettings(true);

Then pass this to your app before you do app.start().


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but 1920x1080 cant fill my screen! because my screen is 3840x2160! Other places are black

i belive i know what you mean, many games have for example 50% resolution scale, so while it use bigger resolution, render is done in lower resolution.

still did not try make it myself, but i belive it would need to make default render into Texture(size you want) and then scale this texture into screen.

there are some topics on HUB, you would need look, like for example: Render resolution and scaling? or Render to texture solution - #11 by thetoucher but any of this require you to use some tricks.

also belive @RiccardoBlb new Pipeline will allow something like this without “tricks”. But need wait.

maybe can change the windows os resolution in jme

That’s most likely what it IS doing. What OS are you using?

What happens if you change your desktop resolution to 1920x1080? Does the desktop also end up with black bands?

Your GPU may support resolutions that are not native to your monitor. And your monitor may not want to scale them.