How can I change the color of the Fancy Car?

As the title says. I’m creating copies of the Fancy Car (player) to use as opponents and I want them different colours.


Just make different textures and apply them.

How do I differentiate between the various areas of the car ? ie I don’t need to change the glass pieces, only the metal.

Look at the texture.

I tried editing Car.j3o in Scene editor, but I can’t access the materials or textures.

Open the texture directly, its a jpg file. To make a new material, when the j3o is open, select “create new” in the Properties window under “Material”, then edit the j3m file, make copies and apply the different textures (you edited for color), then load them in-game using assetManager.loadMaterial and apply them to the different cars using geometry.setMaterial

I don’t have “Materials” option in ScenEditor when I open the Car.j3o file, just “User Data” and “Spatial”.

Select the geometry.

OK, I’ve got it now, thank you.