How Can I Contriobute?

Hi all!!!

I was wandering if there is something I can help to code. I think that my java experience is enough to contribute to this fantastic project because I’m a junior java EE developer and I’ll take the SCJP in the near future. I don’t know much of how is implemented JME but i can learn in the while i help!! If there is something i have to do to reach this objective i will do it despite of everything because IMHO this engine is the best i’ve ever seen among all other C++ FOSS engines such as Ogre and Irrlicht or Crystal Palace!!

With a continuous development of the engine and the SDK this project will reach the level of the Unity 3D engine and I’m sure that with this tool every group of friends can create the best adventure :wink:

Hi there!

Best way is to closely know the engine and follow the forum, then it will be apparent what areas really need work, we put together a small list for contributors here: (You can also reach this via the “Introduction” drop down in the menu above) As you say, this engine is made by people who want to do just that, create games with a cool engine where everybody contributes so everyone gets all the awesomeness :wink:



i like your enthusiasm, good luck

We could really use some more plugin developers contributing to the SDK. It’s often just a matter of wrapping existing code into a plugin, like this “Zelda camera” for instance. Plugins is essentially a more integrated way of organizing the most useful code snippets floating about.