How can I convert max file to blender obj?

hi there
I have a max 3d model and I try to export it to obj format in 3dsmax 2013.
when I import the exported file to JME sdk and also when I used it in game texture not show …
I try to edit it in blender but the model was 90 deg rotated in x axes and also some texture was not correct for example boot texture painted on head of model :slight_smile:
and some thing like eyes not export at all…
can you help me ?

You probably need to unwrap the UV’s before you try to import it into JME. If the blender file loads into jme and the texture is shown as a generic yellow which means the sdk didn’t find the texture you can create a new material by selecting the geometry in the scene explorer clicking create jme3 file from the material drop down box.

how can I convert a max file to obj without any problem?

Problem free conversions isn’t a realistic expectation. If the textures aren’t positioned properly it is more than likely a UV problem. To be frank you may always have problems when converting from one format to another. The best thing to do is learn to recognize the causes of the problems and the solutions.

P.S. post a link to .obj file so we can look at it. I don’t have 3ds max but someone here might have it.

The problem here is the max format. You can just open it with 3dsMax !!! So even you download the trial version and convert it by yourself or you ask a friend who has the software to convert it into another format.

Or cough-cough find good old tricorn und eye patch.