How can I do object relative lights?

For example, a scene in 3ds has a flat elipse with a light in front of it. So, one half of the “pancake” is lit and the other is dark. When I rotate my pancake 90degrees, I want the lit side to remain the same but with the pancake facing down, but the lit side is now the top of my pancake because the light doesn’t rotate with the model, it’s absolute not relative. Is there a way to make my light states relative to my model?

yes, the way I would go about it is to make a LightNode from a lightState attach the lightNode and the model to another node, and rotate the topmost node. Hope thats clear. :slight_smile:


is this perhaps related to the 3ds loader by any chance? because im getting incorrect lighting due to the rotation.


It is :slight_smile: I’ll update it when I can later today.