How can I do this ? (Object, that knows about all influrences it has)

What I want is a Object, that is more or less a PhysicEntity.

However it should be able to know about all Events that influrences it (@Override ect.)

My guess now is, that it is the easiest way to create a own version of Dynamicphysic Node, since I can find out if it has a Collison via the Callback (and then call a custom method in with the data as parameter), and it has all other needed functions.

The problem is, that i cannot simply extend DynamicPhysicNode(well i can but it has no sense), since the nodes are constructed over the physicspace wich wouldn't care about my Class.

Do I have to modify the physicspace class or is there another better way?

i don't really get what you want, if you could post what you want to achive by… discovering what affects your node?, will be easier to understand the problem.

Well my basially how to extend DynamicPhysicsnode, since that is not easily possible. (With modifing it is, but I normally don't want to change anything in the librarys/stuff I use directly, so Is ther a way to modify it while keeping it's original functionallity without changing it directly?

unless DynamicPhysicsNode is final, you can just create this class:

MahDynamicPhysicsNode extends DynamicPhysicsNode{

    a load of abstract methods()!


gl with that, it seens quite complicated, since i once wanted to do the same, and discovered that making a modified Node that have a DynamicsPhysicsNode as a parameter is a lot easier!