How can I get a 2D image from 3D Model

Hey there, I have a 3D Model (a Map). I would now like to convert it to a 2D Picture to display it as MiniMap. Can anyone help me to get this result?

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there is several ways to do this. It depends on a lot of things. A way is to do the mini-map yourself (with paint, you know ?) but an other approach is to have a camera that is above the ground and looking at it, with the correct fov and maybe an ortho mod (this last thing is a shot in the dark, worth a try). Then, you can render that other camera on a texture, then display the texture on the gui with nifty. I never tried (but i plan to try) but it can works.
However, if you want a stylized map, i think that you’ll have to do it yourself (or maybe blender + a lot of small thing like “do a ray cast and make the color be darker when the ray collide closer to the camera” then “export as image” can create your stylized map)

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Oh, thanks for the tips!
I actually found a (in my oppinion) better way.
I draw each triangle of the map scaled on a BufferedImage with the color of the UV Coordinates(from Java) and just refresh it, when I want to.
And I made the color brighter when the triangle is higher and darker when it is a lower one, so that you can see a bit of height difference.
In this way I have more control about what’s going on there :wink: