How can I get width/height of Spatial?


I found this

Vector3f extent = ((BoundingBox) spatial.getWorldBound()).getExtent(new Vector3f());

but when I tried with newest nightly (1 Oct 2012) then I cant find getExtent

[java]Spatial geom = assetManager.loadModel("wallModel/wall.mesh.xml");

Vector3f extent = ((BoundingBox) geom.getWorldBound()).getExtent(new Vector3f());[/java]

is that function deleted or moved somewhere else?

How can I get the width/height of Spatial now?

Are u sure you’ve imported the BoundingBox class?

look like i didnt import it before.

It works now ^^

thanks for your help

and sorry for spam the forum with such beginner question …

You’re welcome :>