How can I implement a detail map in JME3?

When I was programming in pure Java and LWJGL, I was using a mesh with a pre-generated texture, which looked like this:

I then added a detail map onto it, to create a more detailed appearance.

Basically, this works by baking the original texture with a tiled texture, which is what gives the illusion of detail.

How can I implement this with jMonkeyEngine3? I am currently using the “Lighting.j3md” material.

Make a copy of Lighting.j3md, copy fragment shader, add a texture parameter to it and use that texture in modified fragment shader and blend it with pregenerated one. Make that new texture as repeated, divide texCoord with some constant parameter.

Is there a tutorial on how to copy the j3md files to make a different material before? I am fairly inexperienced with JME3 so am not entirely sure how to do this.

Locate the Lighting.j3md file in jme core jar file, copy it to your own assets folder, edit it using notepad, locate default technique, there is a path to vertex and fragment shaders, locate fragment shader file in above jar file, copy it to your own asset, modify the proper path.

make sure that your current material points to your modified j3md file instead of original one.