How can I import a static mesh from Collada?


      I want to import a static mesh to jme and i am using Collada. Is there a way to do that ? Or from Collada we can only import objects which have a bone structure (like the example in the TestColladaLoading) ?

Thanks in advance.

There is no reason you can't load static meshes with Collada.

It is ok now. I have Collada 1.4.1 and i got mixed-up. I now wait for the collada update. Is there an estimation time when is going to be ready  (the update for jme collada importer 1.4 -> 1.4.1) ?

Is there something specific you are needing that 1.4.1 provides?  I'm loading 1.4.1 models with the current ColladaImporter without issues.

I thought we changed that class to allow 1.4.1 imports to go through? ???

I changed it to throw a warning and not crash when the version is different than the current version jME supports.