How can i import the levels to the jme engine?


My question is quite simple, yet i could not find the answer. After i created a level with MonkeyWorld3d, how can i import it to the jME engine ?

Thanks in advance.

are there other 3D tools that can upload levels to JME?

what kind of levels?

like mayby fields,mountins,towns, stuff you see in a mmo?

plus i hear blender can do it, i use blender but i don't know how to import a level made my another 3d editor, namely blender

i'm not sure about the capabilities of the blender game engine, but only to make sure: you have to differentiate between 3d models and game levels. usually they are quite different. levels are often made out of 3d models and contain more information than only geometry and animations.

I'm currently using jMEs ImageBasedHeightMap for terrain heights, ProceduralSplatTextureGenerator for paths and such for the terrain.

For other models that go on the terrain (houses, torches, trees, etc) I plan to use a simple config-file based system in which I'll most likely have:

A config file for the models to be loaded for the game and their animations, loaded into a sort of model factory

A config file containing the models and their (x,y,z) positions and (x,y,z) directions, as well as identifiers that could be called in the code (to perform certain events on these preloaded models, etc).

This stuff can probably be done from MonkeyWorld3D, though…although I'll admit I haven't tried the tool.

wax said:

It's kinda outdated, cause it doesn't work with the current jME version.

I am kind of surprised that exporting into a format that jme can read wasn't planed till 3.0 Version, because I thought MonkeyWorld3D is developed so we can easily make maps for our jME games?

I also like to know a way how to use the Levels made with MonkeyWorld3D in jme.
Does anyone know how to do that with the current version of jme?

just load a 3d model, and make an editor that saves the information in config file. And then you read the model and config file from jME.

MonkeyWorld3D used to save your completed level as a VRML file.  Back then what you needed was the code to import and read VRML files within JME.

In the latest version, 4.0 rc1 the terrain editor is not supported which is very unfortunate, but perhaps the Dev Gods will smile on us lowly platform users and build for us a terrain editor sequel.


What we're doing for one of our games is creating the entire level in one .ms3d file, then importing it via ModelLoader to .jme, and running it through a level processor utility we wrote that does different stuff based on the names of the geometries in the file.

For example, we have a box that is named "playerStart" -  the level processor finds the node with "playerStart" in its name, takes its local translation and assigns it to the player, then sets the box geometry to always cull so its invisible.  Similarly, any geometry with the word "platform" in the name gets a physics material applied to it so it can collide with our main character.

Our method is pretty sketch, but works well as long as you're okay working with large files in Maya, Milkshape3d, or Blender and don't need a lot of custom data in the level. Later on, we'll probably combine this approach with a config file, so we can have something like a geometry named "platform_rotate1" and the config file will specify "rotate1: speed:5.0 axis:y" or something like that, and the level processor will use both to construct the level appropriately.

Sounds like the begining of AI.  I Wish I had AI…