How can I input Chinese character with using jME SDK?

Hi,I’m a Chinese developer.I found that jME SDK can’t support Chinese well , like when I switch input software,SDK fail.So How can I solve this problem?

How does it fail? Any error output?

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SDK lose response

What is the “input software” you switch?

Maybe this helps:

467558 – Netbeans cannot display Chinese character

468193 – Chinese fonts have changed file name

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Looks like Nifty GUI doesn’t support Chinese.Everything I input in xml become garbled

You have to use a chinese font. Did you solve your other issue?

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Thank you very much.I’ve solved my problem by using Hiero to convert .fnt file first.Now it can display Chinese .Anyway thanks a lot.

楼主是怎么解决的 我也遇到了中文乱码问题 菜单什么都是乱码


100% behind this

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ja ja passt scho