How can I install a mini map into my game?

Can someone explain to me how I install a mini map in my game that shows me the players position as a point on the minimap?
My game is like a maze and the player is walking around with a first person view.
I am grateful for every solution.

You track the position of your NPCs, scale down the relations and move little blips on the map according to that.

First make the map, and attach it to the guiNode (you have to see how because i don’t know how to do it. sorry.). Then, as normen said, track the position of the player/NPC and then reduce the position so it combines with the size of your map. Then, create a dot, an arrrow, or the thing that you want to represent in the map, give it the reduced vector and attach it to the guiNode, in the center of your map.

That’s it. Sorry for my bad english.

Please can someone explain the steps from Normen in more detail to me and could give me some examples?
I’m still beginner and I don’t know how to make it.


you want to make a map.

For this you need to know:

  • the size of your world
  • the position of all objects you want to display

for example, your world has:

  • width: 100
  • height: 100

the player has the position:

  • x: 10
  • y: 20

you can simply render a rectangle in the size of 100x100 on your guiNode.
Now you create a small symbol for your player and attach it to the minimap node and position it so the x and y positions are correct in relation to the minimap.