How can I integrate my processing sketch inside of JME3?

Hello everyone,
I’ve began using JME3 this week and I was wondering about how I could get my processing sketch running inside of JME3, all my processing sketch does it to generate a texture using some paramaters I want my game to give it like my game gives it an x and y value and it generates an image based on that, here is an album of the output ( the two value are for the size and height, and here is like in processing . I don’t even want to have a processing window or something like that, just in headless mode while my game runs normally.
I haven’t seen a way so far to do this in JmonkeyEngine but if you think there is a way to do it on jme3, please tell me because I think it’s gonna be much better :slight_smile:

I don’t know Processing, so the bits about running headlessly I can’t comment on (although I would be surprised if this isn’t possible). As far as using it in jME, all you need to do is get your Processing result to a RGBA8 pixel buffer (or any buffer format, really - although you will probably need to do an extra pass over such a buffer to convert it to RGBA8). Figuring out how to get that is a question for the Processing docs/forum (or anyone else here who knows Processing). Once you have the pixel buffer, just use it to construct a jME Image instance and use that to create a Texture2D. You can then apply that Texture2D as a color texture to any object in your scene (or use it as shader data, etc.).

You should look at DefaultImageRaster

And the example to know the usage