How can I make a cube pursue my character?

I can not make a cube pursue my character

Write Java code.


Heh, what Paul means is that this would be a very straight forward problem for you to solve if you spend a bit more time learning Java along with familiarising yourself with how jMonkeyEngine works.

Posting your query verbatim into Google got me some pretty decent results. If you mix it up with some other words like “follow” or “chase” (and do searches like that on this forum as well) you’ll probably get many more samples to look at.

We’re not trying to be rude or poke fun, we just don’t want to do you the disservice of answering trivial questions that you can answer yourself by trying a little harder. (and frankly we don’t have the spare time)

Welcome to the community! :wink:

Well, partially.

Mostly, I was answering the question in the most complete way I could with the information provided. :slight_smile:

Edit: I mean, we no longer have the quick links for things like “How to ask good questions.” so sometimes we must take shortcuts. :wink: (hint hint)