How can I make my character walk in the ramp?



If you're trying to accomplish walking up the ramp you should be able to set your characters' y position based on terrain.distanceFromPoint(character.getLocalTranslation()) or something along those lines (sorry, I don't have the API in front of me at the moment).  Hopefully that will get you on the right track or someone will correct my obviously incorrect method naming. :o


Hi Darkfrog!!!

I dont find this method…

Only one thing…My character and my floor are TriMesh…

Thx a lot guy!!!

That method is available only for terrain not for general meshes.

Intersection relies on correct bounding volumes - have a look at them and check that they incorporate the whole meshes.


Have a way to I put more than one BoundingVolume in an object? Or I must create a new object to this(a ramp, for instance)?

I dont use the Terrain class because is hard create a model of floor(ramps…for instance)…so I create my terrains with Blender and I export to JME…

Thx guys!!!

…and sorry for I disturb again!!! :smiley: