How can I open the Terrain Editor?

I can’t figure this out, been searching for an hour.
Where do I open the editor? I have looked for hours, and can’t find it.

Create a .j3o scene file and open it with the “Terrain Editor” button in the top bar or right-click it and select “open in terrain editor”. The SDK also has a manual that you can access by pressing F1.

Tried that, Terrain Editor doesn’t show up with the tools like shown in the tutorial? There are no height adjustments.

i have the same problem, I can not see the editor tools.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
Also, what version of the SDK are you using?

this is my screenshot:

and here is an screenshot of an terrain tutorial:

I already selected “edit terrain”, but i cant see the options to edit my terrain. may be is an noob issue, can you help me?

Seems like the window is hiding somewhere, try resetting the windows:

thank you dude, is solved