How can I rotate a CharacterControl while using the Chase Cam?

I’ve been prowling through the internet for some time already and I just can’t really figure out how to implement a 3rd person camera for a shooter. I have the aiming system in mind and everything, but I just can’t manage to make that 3rd person camera. Basically, I want to have a model in CharacterControl that can walk around, jump, etc. (WASD + Spacebar) while also being able to use the mouse to aim (like all shooters, really :lol: ). I’m fairly new to JMonkey, but I’ve been through the documentation already. Anyways, I have a feeling the answer is so simple, yet I can’t lay my hands on it. I’ve tried rotating the model itself in increments in response to mouse movement; no luck. I’ve tried to rotate the node I made for the model itself with no luck. I’m pretty desperate at this point lol. Of course, I don’t expect anyone to write the code for me, anything will help, really…

PS. The character is actually a cube. I want him to be able to go forward, backward, strafe right and left (which doesn’t influence the camera) and also turn on itself right and left (I want the camera to be locked behind him so it always shows his back) and the camera should be able to look up and down without the cube rolling along the x axis.

Since that was a bunch of gibberish the following video might explain better:

Look at TestPhysicsCharacter
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Thanks you I’ll go check

Jesus this feels like paradise! Thanks a lot normen!