How can I show collapse a building in a RTS game in jme?

I want to show a falling building in a Explosion.
but i dont know how to do it! a animation that built on blender (but jme just support skeleton animation) ?
2.or i do it programmatic way (work with mesh data but also I dont have any idea)?

can you help me?

I think that depends on what kind of detail you want. If you want pieces if the building falling off and dust clouds and stuff like that, you will probably want to split your building model into chunks and then either apply physics simulation or press-define motion paths for the falling chunks. If you just want the “collapse” effect without much detail, you could also move the building model into the ground (with appropriate particle effects) and then switch it to a rubble model (0 A.D. does something like this).

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is it possible to split my model in game?

It’s possible to do this kind of thing in Blender. @Ali_RS made a physics simulation in blender and directly wrote that as a key frame animation to the model, I guess even without any skeleton.

If you’re willing and able to figure out how to modify the mesh in a meaningful way, you can split/generate/do whatever you want with any model. A model is just a mesh with a material. Once you’re dealing with material/mesh there’s no limit to what you can do (with the exception of course, of the power of the underlying hardware).

I’d suggest you follow @Domenic’s lead on @Ali_RS’s project - that sounds a lot like what you’re trying to accomplish.

I’ve seen a very interesting bachelor thesis at my university about exactly this topic.
In the demo, you could interactively destroy a complete house by shooting small explosive bullets at it. This was very impressive.
If I find out where it was published, I’ll point you to it.