How can I use on secondary click event in nifty gui?

I have image Icon in a panel in HUD…
I use PanelCreator and it has a method .setInteractOnClick("someMethod()");
but I want to call it when right moue button pressed.
how can I use on secondary click event in nifty gui?

Not sure why I was invited to this topic. If I listed all of the things in the universe from having my toe nails eaten by acid all the way up to making love in zero G… doing nifty support is way way closer to acid-covered toe nails. (To me it actually sounds pretty pleasant in comparison.)

But since I was invited, I would be happy to talk about how you could redo your UI in Lemur… but that’s probably not very helpful.

Reply to invitation,

Younes unfortunately i have not worked with nifty gui at all and have no enough info to help. I am using Lemur for my gui.

can I use jme bitmap fonts in lemur? (I spend a lot of time to use persian text in nifty)

Of course , Lemur use JME’s default bitmap font system.

You can get start from Lemur wiki Home · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur Wiki · GitHub

is there a pdf doc for lemur? I want to print it …
in your opinion is`nt better to read and dev nifty source code instead of redoing UI in lemur?

Yes, See here

If you already done your UI in nifty then yes i think you better keep going with nifty then. But i also suggest also take a look at lemur docs so you can better compare which one is ideal for your needs.

Yes, if you already have everything working in nifty then try to keep going that route… but then don’t invite Lemur users to your thread for nifty help. We are likely not to be that receptive.

Just wait for the other nifty users to get here.

Something along these lines:

But you really should download the Nifty manual.

And if you are super lazy, see our code for poor examples. But the manual is better. I assure you… Anyway, here:

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I read nifty 1.3.2 doc before but there is nothing about how to use secondary mouse button …
thank you so much its worked …

Yep, that manual is the bible of nifty. I know I ran into this problem too in its time and all the problems could be fixed just re-reading the manual correct section.

That said, I would like to advise you against keeping going with nifty. I also started with nifty and kept going while thinking: Well, it can’t be that bad, I’m sure that once past all first problems there will be easier (and I’m sure it is better than re-doing all with another library again) and… maybe I wasn’t wrong, it becomes easier once you know it but you’ll find another limitations and issues that will lead to think on another library. I finally changed to Lemur and I must say it was the correct decision (at least if using JME3 as your game engine). More active support, more efficient, scenegraph integrated and, again, best support :smiley: .