How can Program content generation?

i want use Program content generation make game! so where can find related open source libraries?

what content generation make mean for you?

it can be Mythruna game for example or any Voxel block game.

it can be Vehicle building game

it can be Model editor like Blender.

it can be just easier game engine made over JME.

it can be Modding support (LUA/JS/Groovy/etc) so people generate content with mods.

it can be many things.

Not trying to be impolite. I’m guessing English is a secondary language to you, do you have an native language ? perhaps you can ask the question in your native language and someone here can answer better (or all us geeks here will rush to some translator app).

DeepL Translate :+1:

where can find dungeon generation lib?

I don’t know of any library but I recommend you to get familiar with creating custom meshes first:

Then try to implement a simple algorithm like BSP to create the dungeon, another way is cellula automata to get a more organic shape (depending your requirements).
You should find interesting.
Specifically chapter 3: Constructive generation methods for dungeons and levels .

You can apply this techniques to 2D or 3D games.

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Maybe these examples help you with random maze generation