How can we use IzPack with JMonkeyEngine?


The next release of my game is becoming very very fat, it is no more acceptable to use Java Webstart and some users complain about the interruption while loading (because of Sun Microsystems when I get JOGL), the lack of shortcuts, the inexistent native integration, etc… I would like to use IzPack to ease the installation process for the end users but it seems more difficult to configure than Java Webstart. Is there at least one existing JME 2 project that already uses this installer? I'm a bit lost, I have found no "Hello World" example to start using IzPack.

nymon said:

The first paragraph also states to look inside the examples directory for a more basic example, I'm sure that is what you are looking for.

Thanks. I think I should add a kind of template into the wiki to help other people to use it in the future as it is not evident.

The first paragraph also states to look inside the examples directory for a more basic example, I'm sure that is what you are looking for.


This is the XML file I'm going to use with IzPack, it is not ready but it might help you:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?>

    A sample installation file.
    Use it as a base for your own installers :-)
    To compile it :
    - go in the bin directory where you installed IzPack
    - call "compile ../sample/install.xml -b ../sample"

<installation version="1.0">

        The info section.
        The meaning of the tags should be natural ...
        <appversion>pre-beta version</appversion>
            <author name="Julien Gouesse" email=""/>
            <!--<author name="Hidden Man" email=""/>-->

        The gui preferences indication.
        Sets the installer window to 640x480. It will not be able to change the size.
    <guiprefs width="640" height="480" resizable="yes"/>

        The locale section.
        Asks here to include the English and French langpacks.
        <langpack iso3="eng"/>
        <!--<langpack iso3="fra"/>-->

        The resources section.
        The ids must be these ones if you want to use the LicencePanel and/or the InfoPanel.
        <res id="LicencePanel.licence" src="Licence.txt"/>
        <res id="" src="Readme.txt"/>

        The panels section.
        We indicate here which panels we want to use. The order will be respected.
        <panel classname="HelloPanel"/>
        <panel classname="InfoPanel"/>
        <panel classname="LicencePanel"/>
        <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>
        <panel classname="PacksPanel"/>
        <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
        <panel classname="FinishPanel"/>

        The packs section.
        We specify here our packs.
        <pack name="Binaries" required="yes">
            <description>The base files</description>
            <file src="misc/Readme.txt" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/misc"/>
            <file src="misc/Licence.txt" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/misc"/>
            <!-- JOGL (JAR) -->
            <file src="lib/jar/jogl/jogl.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jogl"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jogl/gluegen-rt.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jogl"/>
            <!-- JOGL (native):,,, -->
            <file src="lib/native/jogl/linux/x86/" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/native/jogl/linux/x86">
              <os family="unix"  arch="x86"/>
            <!-- JMonkeyEngine (JAR) -->
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme-audio.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme-awt.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme-font.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme-gamestates.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme-model.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>
            <file src="lib/jar/jme/jme-scene.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/jme"/>           
            <!-- TUER (JAR) -->
            <file src="lib/jar/tuer/tuer.jar" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/jar/tuer"/>
            <os family="unix" arch="i386"/>
             <!-- TODO: add shortcuts -->
        <!--<pack name="Docs" required="no">
            <description>The documentation</description>
            <file src="doc" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH"/>-->
            <!-- Reccursive adding -->
        <pack name="Sources" required="no">
            <description>The sources</description>
            <file src="src" targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/src"/>
            <!-- TODO: put the zipped source code here -->


Let me know if you need some help. I don't want anybody to waste a lot of time with this.