How do I create a button for a game with JME?

I am trying to make a game using Jmonkey and I am starting with the Menu screen, but I don’t know how to create buttons.

There are some GUI libraries included in JME,like Lemur and niftygui. There should be a page about the argument in the wiki.

but I don’t know how to create buttons.

A button is just a rectangle that upon a click does something if the cursor is within said rectangle. :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

Lemur is a GUI library that would let you easily make such a rectangle clickable… but it also comes with buttons, layouts, etc. that you could use to make a menu.

Getting started page here:

It shows a basic one button window that could be expanded into a menu.

A full featured but more complicated example that includes some input fields, etc. can be found here: