How do I create a Game?

I downloaded the jME but I dont know how to create a game… :smiley:

You could start by looking at the source code for the test demos, see how they set things up and how certain things work.

how do I get the source code?

Well you write some code, throw in some graphics make some noises - job done !

Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes

But I don't know how to do all that!

Go though the tutorials on the wiki. It will get you started with getting the source, setting up a game, all the starters stuff. Then come back and ask questions if your stuck on somthing.

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uhm Game myGame = new Game(tps) :smiley:

lol but look at the wiki for tutorials what version of jme are you using??

tuts for jme1, jme2

also look at the code snippets they are very helpful

tutorials like that always confuse me, can someone just add me on MSN?

Writing a game is not a simple process. It takes years of work, a whole lot of research, studying, many hours of practice and above all else - the ability to work problems out yourself. There is not one approach to writing anything, so there is no golden "this is how to write a game" rule. I have been a professional programmer for over 20 years, and would still say writing games is one of the hardest of all programming diciplines.

You seem to have fallen at the first hurdle - if you are confused by simple tutorials then you have a long way to go. Keep trying with them until you do understand them, after all - they are really basic, but unless you can follow them how would you understand anything that anyone else might tell you?

Not trying to be mean here, just realistic.

I dont even know how to get the thing set up where I can add games. Thats what I was asking

OK, based on what you just said - you really do seem to be in the wrong place  :slight_smile:

JME is a library that provides graphics support for programming your own games, and this forum is to support people doing just that. There are no games here, you make your own. Some people have posted links to games they have written using JME, and some of the examples contain simple games, but its not the purpose of this site.

If you want to create a game, read this

Just start from the beginning and learn how to use jme, don’t go straight to the game you want to make. Creating a game is not instantaneous.

If you still want to tackle this and learn how to make a game, the first tutorials you work through should be the Flag Rush series. This will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your first simple game, explaining concepts along the way.

It won’t get any more simple than this. If you get stuck along the way, then go ahead and ask a specific question here in the forums and we’d be glad to help you.