How do I create a launcher for a jMonkeyEngine project?

No, don’t worry about that. I can easily make it launch straight into the game by starting it with type display. Point it, it doesn’t work - The game won’t run. So I need to figure out why that is.

@joehot200 Did you give a try to my gradle plugin ? we could work together to improve it (doc, code). and merge our effort.

I have been using getdown for all my projects including the current game that is in beta. I have 1300 beta testers running it with zero issues for the past year. I even have it set up so it un-compresses my assets.jar onto the file system for runtime performance reasons. JRE for each platform is bundled so that I make sure the game ONLY runs on jre 1.8.51 since newer version of java 8 screw up on older video cards.

This is empty when I try to look into it. Is this intended?

This is strange. What kind of error do you get?
Is the reason for this problem known and described anywhere?

I wanted to make sure the game works with pretty much any video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 … I have over 1500 beta testers and I found that old laptops with the Intel HD Graphics cards and some mac users have a problem with any JRE above 1.8.51. Some can’t get into the game, some get STRANGE artifacts and some just plain crash in the middle of the scene. After researching, I found many posts about the JRE versions and the bugs that effect opengl. Once I locked the game to 1.8.51 all the issues magically went away.

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I should made first push later this week. (and keep history of gradle-getdown-plugin).

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Unfortunately the default GetDown is probably good enough for me. As much as it sounds interesting to work together to improve it, I just wouldn’t have the time right now.

I have now successfully implemented a launcher with getDown.

If anyone wants to try it, download is here:

I have also successfully put out an update, and everybody has appeared to receive that update.


I don’t understand your response. It’s not a fork of getdown, it’s a gradle plugin to use it.
Some of the goals of the plugin to automatize setup of the getdown:

  • generate digest
  • generate launcher (script/exe that call the getdown.jar)
  • generate jre archives for user that don’t have the right jre version (max, min).
  • generate the web site structure to store the jre, jar, assets, digest,… to manage getdown update

EDIT: but I understand, that you don’t have time. (It’s why I made this plugin when I got time, for day (like during game jam) when I’ll not have time to spent in packaging my app.

Oh, right. I hadn’t quite understood what you were talking about.

That actually sounds quite cool then. Unfortunately I just don’t have time to investigate it right now, but I’ll take a look later.

I know this problem. And sometimes I’m thinking that I’m like one of these guys: