How do I fix this ugly dark forum theme to light?

If you really want it so bad that you can do some css for it, then take a look at this:
Most of us here are programmers and prefer dark themes.

if you are in chrome use this or an alternative

Thanks, yes, been programming in various languages for several decades as well, so that puts me in the “us” column.

Thanks, I don’t use Chrome Extensions except those from Google since they require excessive permissions to work. I guess jME isn’t for me, forums appear to be filled with semi-hostile, righteous young developers, jME is built on NetBeans (odd choice for a platform), it uses Gradle instead of Maven, the only things jME got right is Java. Very sad now.

Only if you come to the forum telling everyone how the whole thing is wrong and should be changed.

Not in the days when the SDK was originally made. You can use jme with any java IDE you want though.

That’s a pro, not a con. Maven is fading out in favor of Gradle.

the SDK may use netbeans but you can use pretty much every editor if you want. Also, there is a second editor in the works Editor: jMonkeyBuilder

no one forces you to use the SDK you can use any IDE you want

Young… I wish :slight_smile:

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Well… try to go to your neighbor’s and start the conversation by telling him his living room wallpaper is ugly, I guess it will set him in a good mood.


You can use older build tools like maven with JME. The stuff is up in maven-compatible public repositories.

JME itself builds with gradle because maven is too inflexible and doesn’t really understand multiproject builds well. But you can use older build tools if you like.

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Good one. :slight_smile: always like French’s joke about neighbor’s …

yeah me too, in my heart I’m still a 12 year old, but the rest is far far far away from that age :stuck_out_tongue:

So many stereotypes that you didn’t even verify.

Lol. Would like to use Java 4 too on a Windows XP computer?

I say that but I actually really liked Windows XP :frowning:

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Actually I’m glade he is gone.
I like the friendly surrounding in this forum (and unfriendly people normally don’t stay for long here :slight_smile: ), the super fast and helpful answers, even if I did ask silly questions or obvious stuff, I always always get helpful pointers.

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Yeah, that’s the thing. If you ask good questions, etc. then you get good answers.

Often enough, if you ask bad questions you get directed how to ask better questions… unless it’s chronic. Then the sarcasm comes. :slight_smile:

People wading into the forum for the first time may only see that last bit and think we’re all a giant bag of dicks.


Aka your canned mcve link reply lol.

That… but also requests for stack traces… requests to show the code… etc…

Eventually folks leave or learn how to ask questions better. :slight_smile:

i really prefer the stackoverflow type flow with a forum back end. it simplifies and prioritizes results over discussion.

i also prefer the discussion though because it teaches me far more. ive read through entire threads and books following leads.

Everybody wants results so fast thes days. I wish…

Thanks but please do not speak for me, I dislike the dark themes overall, they are harder to read for me, and most people according to science studies.
OTOH, Original Poster was pretty rude so I understand you wanting to say something back.


i am looking for some answers too