How do I know when I know enough Java to start using Jme3 plus BQ's

Also a big thank you to the Jme3 community for your help for my past threads and other things.
So I am currently going learn about IF statements and I have learned so for about variables and about the following :

Integer Variables in Java
. Double Variables
. Short and Float
. Operator_Precedence
. Java String Variables
Getting Input from the User
Option Panes ( I think these are Jframes)
How to convert a .java to a .class

Also I know these aren’t enough and I need to learn a whole lot more and keep learning!

I am currently using this website
Is this a good website? and could you suggest other you have used to learn Java and programming and maybe some books you have read? Thank you

So how do I know when I am ready to start in Jme3
and should I approach learning should I get a Hardcore knowledge in one subject or hardcore in everything or just the basics and start programming and come back in forth when I don’t know something and then learn it? How should i approach learning?

I would say learn everywhere the basics. Hardcore knowledge wont work, cause usually it is a mix of different topics+experience+knowledge
Then do a first small game, something simple and very limited in scope. While doing that you will get experience that is very useful.
Usually after that you learned/touched a few subjects where you did not know about, so you have more basics to learn.

Depending on the type of game (single-player is the more simple ones, don’t do network in your first games) and the size of the game, you can then at some point decide to just start at it. Just don’t expect fast results, writing a game takes some time.

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Thank you very much! The website I mentioned does this cover all the basics? :grinning:

I suppose it covers some basics. What I didn’t see there were generics. You could also check Trail: Learning the Java Language (The Java™ Tutorials) to cover those. And if you are interested to learn something about java collections → Trail: Collections (The Java™ Tutorials) :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks I’ll check them out! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I really liked: “” Thinking in java by Bruce Eckel. I learnt java with it. And it’s free (at least version 3 is).

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Personally when I started learning, I made myself a goal of a program I wanted to make. Start with something simple. It gives you a reason to learn certain areas that you maybe wouldn’t normally, and much more fulfilling when you manage to do it. Think of classes as individual pieces of a puzzle or parts of a machine. That way each part of your “machine” is like a bitesize challenge. It makes it easier progress that way without overwhelming yourself looking at the big picture. If you imagine a huge project like minecraft, just the sheer thought of it is overwhelming, but splitting it into little bits at a time makes it so much easier to get your head around. For example, step 1 design a character. step 2 make that character move. step 3 get the character to hold stuff. Easy little steps you can handle quite easily individually.

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For french users :

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when it comes to language programming I go to the books for Dummies.

I learned a lot of programming thanks to this series: PHP, javascript, c++, etc

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and also all types of cheat sheet : java for example :