How do I properly use getPhysicsSpace.setAccuracy()?

I’m making a game where the player can throw around objects. objects are thrown using the applyImpulse() on the objects. I’m having issues where the objects sometimes will go through the scene gemotry (even though theyre not being thrown that hard or anything)

After some toying around I came across this setAccuracy() method. It seems if I increase the accuracy (Eg to 1/100) the issue of rigidbodies falling through the scenery goes away… However it also seems that impacts between rigid bodies are now much more violent… additionally whenever CharacterControl Nodes are moved with setMoveDIrection() they have a higher move speed… At the same time the inverse is true… if I use a value like 1/20 for the accuracy. Everything moves very slowly.

So my question is. How can I change the accuracy of the physics. but be able to retain the same physical characteristics? I feel like everything needs to be multiplied by getAccuracy() or something… But I don’t think this is going to fix the issues of colliding bodies more violently reacting with eachother since all that is done automatically behind the scenes…

Your conclusions are not right, what you see most probably come from framerate disparities and the max substep setting or its a misperception due to inaccurate physics. Anyway you should leave the accuracy alone unless you know what you do and rather use CCD to avoid tunneling objects.

thanks for your response. I’m rather new to making games.

I found RigidBodyControl.setCcdMotionThreshold(). Playing around with that value seemed to help out with my issue.