How do I remove a DynamicPhysicsNode from the PhysicsSpace?

HI there.

I am struggling to remove a DynamicPhysicsNode from the PhysicsSpace.

Can anyone suggest how I should do this?

And also, what is the proper way to use collision detection in the physics space and in which method should I

remove a dynamic node from the physics space.

Please help?

note.setActive(false) to remove a node

I'm not sure what you meant with your collision detection question, though.

Thank you.

This worked.

I wanted to know what the correct way is to handle collisions in the physics system.

For example:

  - I have a bullet traveling through space with a specific force. If this bullet should connect something,

    how would I detect that?


Physically collisions are handled automatically. Do you want to be notified on collisions? You can use getCollisionEventHandler() on the space, a node or a geom. See forum, wiki, tutorial and tests for details.

Or do you need to modify the standard physical behavior? In this case you need to register a callback on the physics space (see getContactCallbacks()).

I need to be notified on collisions?

err, I don't know - do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you can write about your actual problem. What do need in contrast to what you already have?