How do I start this game?

Hello again guys how do I start a fps zombie survival game
any help will do. Thanks guys
I only have 2 weeks left before submitting it
my group mates are already creating a model
I’m new in jme3 and also im the core programmer in our group

Well, your two month project is at least more realistic than your 18 month project… but neither will fit into two weeks unless you take a lot of shortcuts.

Shortcut number one will be downloading Unity and dragging-and-dropping 80% of your game. You just might get something done in your two week deadline… but it’s still ambitious.

One thing new developers get wrong is estimating how long things will take. Then they think “Ok, I will come up with something simpler…” But it’s never simple enough.

In order to write a zombie survival game in two weeks in JME, prerequisites:
-art assets already created/imported and ready to go with animations. (That can take two weeks on its own.)
-someone on the team who could write a simple JME-based Asteroids clone in 2 hours.

…if you don’t have that guy, then it can’t be done in two weeks. You will spend more than that amount of time just trying to figure out the difference between your hand and your foot, metaphorically speaking.

we’re only given to use java as the programming language.
Can i ask something?
Is there any other easy to develop game with the genre of survival?
Cause I pass a paper to our professor that we are going to develop a survival game for our finals project

Well, why don’t you make a simple random boxes being thrown from the screen sides and you need to dodge them by only jumping and going to left & right. It is survival. If zombies are your thing, make the boxes simple zombies with varying scales. Boom, that is zombie survival done in 2 weeks.


So there’s no more guns.
Our game will be only Dodge the zombies
My friend is already creating a scene in the google sketchup
thanks for the advice


Having only 2 weeks for a game project means either that it should be as simple as possible or it means that you have done nothing throughout the semester.
Maybe something like slender is possible in two weeks?

How about an asteroids clone but with zombies coming at you, might be worth doing a 2d game as well if that helps with asset creation.

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Well, if you are doing a pure 2D game you should probably go for libgdx, except if your assets are already in 3D and you simply want to give it a 2d fell

is there any step by step tutorial?

I found useful for a step by step tutorial. Be sure to write the code yourself instead of copy/pasting to get the most from it.

Thank you

There’s the basic mouse picking tutorial, which is sort of shooting.
and just add a Control that moves the zombies toward the player… (subtract the position of the zombie from the position of the player and you get the direction vector)
Bonus points if you add the animation tutorial for animating the zombies. :slight_smile:

Basically there’s two ways for getting copy-paste-code:

a) the wiki (see the 13 Hello-XYZ-Tutorials)
Go through all 13 tuts (a) until (m) - they are quickest possible quick start

b) the “Test” project (easiest when using the SDK)
You simply install the SDK from Releases · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub
And then: New Project > Jme Tests
Then simply right mouse button and “Run File…” with any of the files.

Like the others said: Keep it simple (because you only have two weeks).
If you must use Java, then using the SDK and jME is the quickest way possible.
I still wonder that you only have two weeks, but something should be possible in that short time.
Just follow this simple rule:

Create games, not engines (or libraries).
I flushed the last 12 months down the toilet by trying to write a better text renderer.
Often with 12 work hours per day and 30 work days per month.
=> Rule: Only take those things which are already available and combine them in a clever way.

In case you have the money, go get the jME 3.0 Beginner’s Guide. It’s a very good book that taught me how to create games in jME.