How do I texture the insides of a large building(in blender) for JME? [Blender]

I have found that all of the UV unwrapping tools in blender provide terrible results when I use them on my building. The building is the walls and corridors of my Prison map.

Is there a simpler way to texture map for said building or will I have to manually select every wall and door frame and “Mark Seam” and move all of the UV islands to the right place?

You could recalculate the normal’s to the inside.
Do you have a screenshot?

That’s the normal process yes, and IMO the one that’ll give the best results. Though there are other ways to unwrap uvs in blender, for example one that splits island given a certain angle threshold. For a building where you have a lot of 90 degrees angles, it can work…

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That sounds very interesting, could you please link me to the addon/process?

Go in edit mode and type “U”

Put something below 90 in angle limit and hit enter

See how the cube is unwrapped

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Oh wow, I never took note of that angle option. Thanks!