How do you attach a JMenuBar when your not able to add a frame?


Im trying to make a menu bar with diffrent options.

Now, I got this problem…

I'v made a menu bar, and attached it to a frame.

Tho I cannot add the frame to desktop.getJDesktop() since frames cant be added in containers


Now I woundering, is there anyway I can get the main window frame and use that one?

Depending on your integration, yes.

-> i the jmetest package the Particle editor for example is a normal swing windows with a quad where jme renders.

Using the Swing gui system i strongly !suggest since it is kinda buggy.

ps. Which word I forgot again :confused:

Could you tell me where those files are?

I'v searched all over internet and cant still find em :frowning:

If you mean the RenParticleEditor you find it in the jmetest package as Empire Phoenix stated.

That is in the jme source:

Also as it seems you downloaded jme as jar, download the whole stuff from svn, as there are dozens of examples in the jmetest package

Okej, Now i'v been looking at the script for hours.

Still I dont understand anything at all :frowning:

It doesnt include a single comment to help you

It almoste enqrypts the variable names and method so you can impossebly figure out how it works

It totaly sucks in all ways possible…

I'll change the question some then…

I heard before that you could make a frame, and in one region of the frame, paste the jME render window…

Is that possible?

Or am I thinking of j3d now…?

try to use JInternalFrame instead of JFrame.

also take a look at the jmetest package: